How to Control Broadleaf in the Lawn

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  • Jul 29, 2018

Best Broadleaf Herbicide Lawns might be needed a lot by many people because they want to make sure that their lawns are free from this type of weed. In fact, broadleaf can be very stubborn and it causes very big problem for the lawn owners.

That is why they are looking for the best way for overcoming this problem. For this purpose, they can use the broadleaf killer for instance. Nevertheless, they can also take the steps for controlling the weed. Let’s find out further about the way for keeping the lawn free from the weed.

How to Control Broadleaf in the Lawn Garden

Broadleaf Control

It is better to control the growth of the broadleaf instead of treating the weed problem if it is possible. There are some ways which can be taken for controlling the broadleaf weed. The first important thing which must not be missed is mowing the lawn. It is necessary to mow at least 3-3.5 inches of the lawn grass. Mowing frequently is surely necessary like twice a week during spring and once a week during summer.

How to Control Broadleaf in the LawnThe next step which can be taken for controlling the broadleaf is by doing the right irrigation. The lawn must be irrigated infrequently and also deeply. The main purpose of this step is for making the soil absorbing the water deeply until reaching the roots of broadleaf.

They just need to wait the initial dryness sign from the ground after this process is completed. It can be seen from the bluish grey on the grass and it means that they have to water the lawn in this circumstance.

For controlling the broadleaf, they have to make sure that the lawn is dense. That is why they need to use the fertilizer which comes with 2-4 pounds of nitrogen for the lawn with thousand feet measurement each year.

The appearance of clover weed in the lawn becomes the sign that the lawn needs more nitrogen. Creating the shade is also another method for controlling the broadleaf weed but it also means that they should consider the grass which can tolerate the shade.

Broadleaf Killer

For killing the broadleaf weed, people can use the broadleaf killer which is a type of herbicide. In fact, it will not only kill the broadleaf because it is also useful for killing other types of weed. A lot of weeds will be killed by applying the broadleaf killer.

There might be some weeds which can still be found but the treatment can be done easily because the weeds can be identified right away.

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The weed killer for broadleaf can be applied simply by spraying it to the lawn. However, it is better to make sure that the broadleaf killer is applied a week after or before the mowing. It is important to take this step because the grass will be allowed to heal from the mowing process.

The chemical from the herbicide can also be absorbed easier by the lawn so the weeds can be killed better. After applying the herbicide, it is better to avoid watering the lawn so the weed can be penetrated by the Best Broadleaf Herbicide Lawns.

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