Best Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review

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  • May 05, 2018

Best Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review, Best Chair for Relax

Zero gravity chair is one of the most popular chair types today. This chair is actually the chair that was specially made for astronaut, in order to create the best position for their body to relax when they have mission in the space.

Some company adapts the concept and create chair that we can use in our room for relaxation. One of the brands that are famous with this chair is Novus. Here is a Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review for you who are interested to buy this chair.

New Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review, Best Chair for Relax

The Design

The leather material covers almost every part of this chair. This material gives this chair a classic looks, which add more elegant value on it. Novus is also successfully designing this chair in best possible way.

We can say that from the artistic point of view, we see it as beautiful chair that is worth to buy and it can become one of best furniture or even focal point of your room.

And, from the comfortable part, we also can see it from the placement of the pillow, hand rest as well as reclining part, which can support your body perfectly. Therefore, you can really have great relaxation on this chair.

For color, there are two options you can choose. The first choice is the dark brown color. And the other option is white with dark wooden color for the legs and hand rest. Both of them are beautiful. So, you won’t have problem to choose which one that you want to use.

Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review, Best Chair for Relax

The Features

The reclining part can create zero gravity position. With this position, your body will support less weight than it should to be. That means the stress and pressure that your body gets from gravity will be greatly reduced. And, if you experience this condition, you can really relax and remove your fatigue.

The reclining part is also powered by machine. Therefore, you don’t need to set the angle manually. Just press the button, until you think it’s perfect for you. Then, there is also another power control button, where you can adjust other part of the chair, such as arm rest length and footrest position.

The pillow is also placed on right position which can support your neck and head. This will give you extra comfort, plus you can avoid some problem that caused by wrong position of your head when you lie down or sleep on it.

The pillow also uses DACRON memory foam, which can give you best shape to support your neck. However, this feature is optional feature. So, make sure you ask for this addition, if you want to maximize the comfort you can get.


Novus Zero Gravity Chair is definitely one of the best choices; if you are looking for best chair for relax. This chair has many features and designed to be beautiful furniture that will looks great in your room. More than that, there are also many optional features you can find in this chair which can give you more benefits.

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