Best Weed Preventer for Lawns

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  • Aug 25, 2018

Best Weed Preventer for Lawns -One of the great things about summer is the smell of fresh grass when you open the window and see the scenery of fresh garden with its beautiful green lawn. That’s the ideal morning you want to have but then the reality strikes.

The grass on the lawn is green but there are also weeds making the yard looks awful and messy. More than just its awful looks, the weeds are also greedy absorbing nutrients and water from the soil making it hard for the grass to grow healthy. With the best weed preventer for lawns, you can keep the weeds away.

Best Weed Preventer for Lawns

What is Weed Preventer

Weeds are not easy to deal with. It is much better to prevent the weed to grow than trying to get rid or kill the weeds that already grow and spread all over the lawn. There’s a type of herbicide designed to kill the weed seeds before it grows. This type of herbicide is known as weeds preventer.

Basically, weeds preventer is preemergent herbicide. It prevents germination of the seeds by inhibiting key enzyme required for germination process. Although it is categorized as herbicide, weed preventer won’t cause any side effect to established plants. It is good option to prevent the weeds to grow without harming the healthy grass.

Advantages of Using Weed Preventer

Choosing the best weed preventer for lawns can give several advantages, including:

  • Permanent result. As it prevents germination, the weed sprouts are also killed and it stops the regrowth cycle of the weeds.
  • Minimum labor. Once applied, weed preventer will remain active for several months without routine spray or reapplication.
  • Less weed preventer will be needed after successful season. Next spring you’ll find less weeds growing and they’re from outside infestation. There’ll be much less amount of weed preventer needed to control the weed.

How to Choose and Use Weed Preventer

Choosing the best weed preventer for lawns could be a challenge since there are different products in this category already available on the market. The best one is the one with most effective result and for this, you need to take a look at your lawn closely.

Identifying the type weeds growing there is the most crucial things. Not all types of weeds can be controlled with weeds preventer. Knowing the exact types of weed will help deciding the right weed preventer to use.

Timing is also crucial time in controlling weeds using weed preventer. It is crucial to apply to weed preventer when the weed seeds in time of germination. Preemergent herbicide won’t be effective when the weeds are already showing. Knowing the types of weed to deal with also helpful to determine the critical time to apply the weed preventer.

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