Can You Run a Generator In the Rain

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  • Apr 14, 2020

Can you run a generator in the rain? That sounds like a ridiculous question but actually, many people having this question for so long and no surprise that you do to. Generator unit is needed to generate electricity when electricity from the utility line becomes unavailable. This mostly happens during the emergency condition such us thunderstorm or heavy rain and that makes a valid question whether generator unit can be run in the rain.

Many families invested on portable generator unit to provide electricity power in times of power outage. The ideal condition to operate generator unit is on the open air space with relatively dry air. All generator unit comes with user’s guide and one big warning listed there is to never run the portable generator in wet Risks of Electrocution.

weather, rain or snow. Can you run a generator in the rain? This is the definitive answer: you better not.

Safety Run A Generator

The main reason is the safety issue with the generator when operated in wet weather. Moisture or snow can cause short circuit within the generator causing malfunction. But the greatest danger is from electrocution risk. It can cause explosion and damage the generator unit. Electrocution is also a dangerous threat to you and your family.

Can You Run a generator In the Rain

Risks of CO Poisoning

Some may think to run the generator inside the garage where the generator unit is safe from rain water or snow. It seems like solution from one problem but actually, it creates much bigger problem. Portable generator can never be operated indoor or even too close from an open window. The main concern is the gas combustion from the generator’s engine can produce carbon monoxide (CO) fumes build up and it can seep into your house causing dangerous risk of carbon monoxide positioning.

How to Operate Generator in Wet Weather

For more safety you can use voltage insulating glove when operating generator

After learning the fact, now it is time for us to find the right solution to make sure the portable generator is still useful and reliable in time of emergency without neglecting the safety issue. The main idea is to provide protection from water, moisture, or rain to the running generator. Investing on special canopy cover for portable generator would be highly recommended, for example tent generator running cover compatible with 3000W- 10.000W Gettent Safety Canopies,  can you check at Amazon bellow

At Amazon this product get 81% five star ratings from 169 customer review, why we recomended this product, some reason are :

  • Safely run your portable generator outside in any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, and wind.
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, prrotecting sensitive electrical areas, large door for easy refuel.
  • Patented design maintains generator natural cooling air flow; keep generator portable.
  • Universal welded waterproof cover size fits portable generators 3000-10000 watt.
  • Simple 3 Step Instal

If you are have a more budget you can compare with another product 

This type of cover is specially designed to allow generator to keep running yet protected from rain and snow when operated outdoor. Other option would be generator enclosure made from steel or wood. The enclosure can provide optimum protection to the generator’s sensitive parts while keep allowing proper ventilation to prevent overheating. So, can you run a generator in the rain? Yes, you can with reliable protection for the generator from water and moisture.

See Video Bellow For Safety About Generator

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