Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill Sale

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  • Aug 24, 2018

Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill Sale is definitely something you can’t miss. It gives you the opportunity to have a powerful and versatile grill for exciting outdoor events at home. Having an outdoor grill gives a lot of advantages.

You can enjoy the weekend grilling burger for an outdoor family brunch or invite your friends for an evening supper serving them with perfectly grilled protein like a true pit master.

Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas

Charcoal Grill Vs Gas Grill

When looking for an outdoor grill, most people will have a huge dilemma to choose between a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Those are two types of outdoor grill with equally the same loyal users and fans. Both factions have reasonable reasons to support their claim.

Gas grill is loved for its convenience. It is easy to operate and the heat is much easier to control. While for charcoal grill lovers, this type of grill is offering superior flavor that gas grill can’t deliver. Well, it’s not a competition so why bother to choose when you can get the benefits of both sides?

The Best of Both Sides

Outdoor grill won’t be cheap and you need to be smart to make the right investment. Get the best of both charcoal and gas grill by having both grills on a single rack. Yes, Char Griller really knows the big dilemma so this grill manufacturer is offering its Duo S 5050 model with dual cooking surface, one powered with gas and the other powered with charcoal. Get one with the best price from Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill Sale.

The Duo S 5050 has sturdy construction with top grade heavy steel frame for optimum durability. Both grills made from porcelain coating cast iron for optimum heat retention for both grilling and smoking. Both grills have built-in temperature gauge for optimum heat control.

The charcoal grill and gas grill provide total cooking space of 1,260 square inch. More than enough to prepare meals for a backyard party. Porcelain coated grates can accommodate different proteins and vegetables to grill or smoke with best result.

Cast side gas burner offers extra cooking space to prepare sauce or side dish. The Duo S 5050 also has condiment basket and underneath shelf for extra storage.

It is easy to think that this grill is quite expensive. But with Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill Sale, you have the opportunity to get the grill with the best price.

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