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  • May 28, 2018

CJ Lawn Mower is your solution for lawn care. This company is able to serve both commercial and residential. Everything you need about maintain your lawn is available in here.

What To Consider When Buy Lawn Mower

If you are looking for activity at home and want to care your lawn by yourself, then you can buy your own lawn mower. There are many types and brand of lawn mower available in market. What you need to consider when buy it? Here are guide to buy the lawn mower.

cj lawn mowing

  • Engine

There is range of walk lawn mower available start from 140 cc to 190 cc. If you need to maintain tough condition such as wet and tall grass, leaf mulching, or mowing maintenance, then choose the larger engine. There are several types of engine, the basic engine is traditional side-valves, and the next is overhead valves, the overhead cams and valves such as car engine done.

  • Drive

For some walk mowers, you need to push to provide power. The others added with drive system that turns it into rear or front wheels. The push mower is perfect for small and flat yard. The self-propelled mower is able for medium and large yards around 4000 to 6000 square feet.

If you need maximum maneuverability, then you need to choose the front drive. This engine drive allows you to push down the handle and the lift the front drive wheel to pivot the mowers fast. If the yard slopes, choose rear-drive mower.

  • Drive control

There are 4 ways of mowers to control their drive systems. The first is bail (metal rod) which means you squeeze against the handle. Next is lever that pushed with thumb.

Next is lever that squeeze against handle, and the last is telescope handle that push forward for increase speed or release pressure for turn lower speed. Choose drive control is crucial for comfortable and it is influence on how you can maneuver in easily.

  • Function

Mowers can mulch, collect clippings, and discharge clipping out of the deck. Choose the functions that perfect for your yards.

The last, when you need to buy lawn mower, personal preference and the budget that you want to spend is the top priority when choose the lawn mower. Some people think it as workout and do not mind to push mower for hours, while other agrees to choose to finish the cutting grass as soon as possible.

CJ Lawn Mower

Hire Professional Lawn Care

Do not have much time to maintain and control your lawn? Then you can choose to hire the professional. There are several benefits that you can get from hire the professional. First, it can save your time as when you care with yourself, it will spend much time.

Second, it also can save your money to. Believe it or not, sometimes, when your skills are not enough to control, you might spend more cost to maintain your lawn. The last, is the guarantee that you can get when you hire the professional. When you spend much time to work


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  1. Reel mowers are lightweight because they do not have an engine, there are few moving parts so they last a long time without the need for many repairs, and they are quiet.

    Thank you for this post, I love this.

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