Decorating A Tent For Garden Party Bridal Shower

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  • May 24, 2020

Tips to Change Your Simple Tent for Bridal Shower Garden Party into Special and Beautiful Tent

Do you have a plan to hold a bridal shower party? Now, if you plan to do that outside your house, you will need a good tent to protect your guest from the sun, and you can decorating a tent for garden party bridal shower

There are many types of outdoor party tent you can use. If you don’t have enough budgets, you can rent the cheapest one. However, you can’t use it just like that. To make it looks more appealing for your guest, try decorating it.

Decorating A Tent For Garden Party Bridal Shower

How to Decorate Tent for Garden Party Bridal Shower

Decorating A Tent For Garden Party Bridal Shower can be really difficult or even simpler than your imagination. What you need here is finding out the place where you need to put your decoration. There are several great places you can choose for this, such as:

–        The tent pole

pole tent decoration with flower

This part will be visible among other parts. So, if you decorate the pole, or if the tent pole you use doesn’t have an appealing appearance, at least with the decoration you can make it looks beautiful. There are many methods to decorate the tent pole. You can wrap it with colorful paper or use flower and stick it on the pole.

–        The tent bottom part

You also can place colorful flowers or plants in this part. It will cover the contrast look between the tent fabric material and the grass. Plus, it will give a nice accent to the tent, which will please your guest eyes, when they walk around it to enter the tent.

–        The entrance

entrance decoration garden party with flower

Put some flowers and plant around the entrance. Or, if you have more budgets, you also can try to hire professionals to make you a flower arc gate in from the tent entrance. This will create a special appearance that also shows that there is something special going on inside the tent, which is your bridal shower party.

–        Use different fabric color

Mostly, the tent for a garden party like this uses one similar color, which is white. So, try to ask if you also can get other colors. This is maybe a difficult task to do. But, if you can find a different color tent, you already have a nice decoration for your bridal shower.

Basically, those are what you need to do to make your bridal shower garden party tent special. They are simple decorating party bridal shower and don’t require too much money. One thing for sure is with the method above, you can make the tent become more beautiful.

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