Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts

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  • May 18, 2018

Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts, zero gravity chair has become more and more popular to be used inside the house, in the garden, or near the pool. One of the best zero gravity chairs that you can easily find in furniture stores is those produced by Faulkner.

Its manufacturer even produces the Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts to make it easier for you who want to repair certain element of the chair.

Zero Gravity Chair Part


Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts

The first element of Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair replacement parts that will be discussed is the chair lacing. Most of zero gravity chairs, including Faulkner’s, use lacing made of synthetic materials to connect the chair frame to its panels.

This lacing is responsible for bearing the user’s weight when he/she is sitting on the chair. That is why, it is not surprising if the lacing of your old zero gravity chair has been stretching out over time.If this happens to your chair, it means that you have to replace the lacing as soon as possible.

Then, how to replace this lacing? First, you need to prepare a lace replacement kit, since it will make the process become much easier and faster. Next, you can start removing the dull or worn out lace that is attached to your chair’s body by simply cutting it. You have to make sure that you cut it below the cap.

After you have done with this step and the old lacing has been perfectly removed, you can move to the next step, which is setting the new laces. What you have to do is inserting the new set of laces that you have prepared into the first frame catch called grommet from the front part.

Then, carefully put the lace – do not make it too tight – to the frame of your gravity chair. Next, snap it on the plastic cap (the plastic cap is usually included in the kit). After attach the new lace, you can try your repaired zero gravity chair and feel the comfort again.

One product that can be a reference is Keten Universal Replacement Cords for Zero Gravity Chair this is a replacement laces for zero gravity chairs and include zero gravity recliner repair tool for lounge chair, at Amazon this product get  200 customer reviews and more than 80% give five star for quality this product, this lace made of 100% natural latex and safe for enviromentally.


If you own one or some zero gravity chairs at home, then you have to maintain it well, so that they can still provide the comfort for you. You also have to learn how to replace the dull lace, because you will need to replace it once every few years to make sure that your zero gravity chair is always in a good working condition.

Upholstery Patch

After years of use, your anti gravity chair upholstery will show the signs of tear and wear. That is why, upholstery is included in the list of Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair replacement parts that you have to consider.

You may find holes, stains, and tears as the signs of long term use of this chair. Certainly, your chair does not look as nice as it does at the first time you bring it home. Therefore, you need to replace the old upholstery with the new one.

Some upholstery patches can be adjusted to the chair size by simply being cut, while some other upholstery patches need to be attached using glue or fabric. More product sell at Amazon if you want to compare of price and quality based on customer review.

Mechanical Components

The next Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair replacement parts are the chair’s mechanical components, like the handle and the base. If the chair’s handle that is responsible for operating the footrest becomes a little bit loose, you can simply tighten it.

However, if the handle is broken, willy nilly, you have to replace it with a new one. Make sure that the handle fits well in the genuine opening and is produced by the same manufacturer, if you want to change zero gravity chair at your home if its broken this is reference for you :

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