4 Steps on How to Remove Mouse Trap Glue From Dog

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  • May 07, 2018

Trap glue is a kind of pest control tool for handling insects designed to catch insects or rodents with a strong adhesive. Though you can get succesful in catching insects with this tool, it sometimes catches your dogs or cats to know it. Your dog is often trapped with this trapped glue. If it is happened, there are some things to do on how to remove mouse trap glue from dog. You need to release it gently from your dogs.

How to take mouse trap glue of ure dog hair safely

Safe Solvent Products To Remove Tap Glue

Oil is one of the best solvent items to get free trapped animal like dog from mouse trap glue. Vegetable oil is working like canola oil, corn oil, or nut oil.

Whenever you require it, heat little oil by holding the bottle under the flowing hot water. A testing of oil can be conducted on your wrist before applying it on your pets. It should be warm not hot.

As an alternative choice, you can take butter, pig fat, or nut jam helping you to free pets or dogs if you have no access to oil. This is a right choice to use for releasing mouse trap glue from dog.


After you released mouse trap glue from your pets or dog, your dogs are probably anxious. So, you need to let them take a rest in a peaceful place for a while. Before you conduct this way, you need to remove the rest of oil and glue.

Bathe it gently with warm water and it works through its fur with gentle liquid soap. Rinse well and dry it with a towel before leaving it alone. If you see a wound caused by mouse trap glue, contact the veterinarian. Make sure that you wash your hands to take a rest and give a recovery process. This belongs to a way on how to remove mouse trap glue from dog.

How To Remove Mouse Trap Glue From DogHow To Remove Mouse Trap Glue From Dog

Preventing a Strong Liquid Product

Some manufacturers of mouse trap glue recommends you to use mineral spirit or paint thinner to make it dissolved. This chemical compound is too strong for your pets, dogs, and cats.

It is able to make skin irritation and smoke of chemical compoun is very dangerous. In addition, prevent the use of alcoholic based products such as nail thinner or petreleum jelly, motor oil, to free your dogs and pets from mouse trap glue.

Avoiding Future Problems

Though it is right for some conditions and situations, mouse trap glue is not an ideal insect tool. Mouse trap glue is working effectively without recognizing and often causing huge suffer for caught animal.

With that way, it is better to prevent its use if it is possible. If you have to use it, make sure that it is far from pets and some other animals.

You need to remember that cats and dogs are famously exploring and accessing difficult places to reach. You must be careful in using it and pets. Check it regularly to avoid future problems and find the ways on how to remove mouse trap glue from dog.

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