Is An Electric Snow Blower Good?

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  • May 19, 2018

Is an electric snow blower good? That is a question that has been asked many times, and we will look deeper at it in today’s article.

The premise of electric snow blower

To be honest, the premise of electric snow blower is so simple that I think you do not have to be smarter than a fifth grader to understand it. However, I shall write about it for formality purpose, so here it is: an electric snow blower is basically a snow blower that is powered by electricity.

If you want to blow some snows with it, you need to connect it with a cable of some sort to power it. Without the cable, the snow blower cannot be turned on and you cannot do your handy job.

Is an Electric Snow Blower Good

It is also very common for any tools to have their rivals (a barber’s scissors and an electronic shaver is a prime example), and electric snow blowers got one of their very own.

Meet a gas snow blower, which is a snow blower but gas powered. You do not need a chord to power it because the gas is fed directly.

So is the electric one better than the other? Is it any good?

Depends on what point of view we are seeing them at. Each things in life got their very own pros and cons, so you can be sure that an electric snow blower is not a sort of undeniably good device. These are the reasons why you should get an electric snow blower:

First, it is small and not bulky. Unlike a gas blower, electric snow blowers are usually small. This means that they are easier to carry by people of the weak constitution.

Second, you do not need to refill them with gasoline every now and then. Seeing that gasoline prices can be crazy expensive sometimes, surely you know what this means, right? No more money badly spent on gasoline, my friends.

Third, they are easy to turn on. Gas blowers got a pull chord to power them on while electronic snow blowers only got a button. I myself is not always successful when it comes to using a pull chord, so I always cherish the existence of a power button in any electronics.

However, electronic got bad things as well. For starters, they have chords. While you are blowing some snows, nothing will irritate you worse than a bothersome chord. You may trip on the chord and you will find yourself making snow angels without your consent.

Electric snow blower is a bane for people with a big yard. Because electric snow blowers got chord, the chord itself is often their limiting qualities. Most chords only run for like 14 inches or so, so it is pretty limited in terms of long range capability. What if your yard is hectares long?

The Handyman’s Handy Guide Is an Electric Snow Blower Good

Another thing to remember is the snow itself. You do know what a snow is, yes? Snow is made of water, and do you know what will happen when electronics meet water? Fireworks ensued, but this time you will not be mesmerized by it.

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All in all, there are reasons why you should get an electric snow blower and why you should NOT get one. It can be good for people with small yards and weak constitution, but it will be bad for people with big yards.

Now that you have understood what makes or break an electronic snow blower, I think you can answer for yourself the ‘is an electric snow blower good’ question.


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