Kohls Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair

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  • Apr 12, 2018

If you are planning to buy a high quality anti-gravity chair, but still have not decided which one you should purchase, perhaps Kohls Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair is the right choice for you. It definitely has high quality performances that will suit you well.


The Kohls Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair comes with 16.54-inch seat that will allow you to lay on it comfortably. The pair of arms on the right and left side of the chair will even enhance the comfort for you when laying.

Supported by a strong, well designed frame and tough-but-elastic fabric, this anti-gravity chair will definitely let you experience the comfort of laying on the high quality item. This chair can even adjust your body movement and position. It is so convenient, isn’t it?

Not only is the chair comfortable to be used, but it is also pretty to see. This chair comes with different choices of colors that you can choose to match your personality. The colors are blue, brown, red, and tosca.

Kohls Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair


There are so many reasons why this chair deserves to purchase. First, it comes with an adjustable foam pillow, which will allow you to lay your head comfortably.

Not all of the anti-gravity chairs have this kind of feature. Besides, it also has another convenient feature: a cup holder that can be used to put your favorite beverage. Because of this feature, you can easily keep your drink close at hand.

Another benefit of this chair is that it can be easily folded, so that you can keep or store it more easily as well. Talking about its durability, you do not have to worry because this chair is equipped with weather resistant upholstery that can make this chair durable although it is often used outdoors.


Some people may argue that this Kohl Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair is a little bit pricey. However, compared to its high-quality specification, the price is very suitable and cannot be considered as too expensive. For regular sized seat, you should spend about $139.99 and you can get the value that absolutely will last long.

You do not have to worry because sometimes Kohls gives a big discount, making the price down to only $33.99 for the regular sized chair. If you have more ample space and want a larger chair, you can purchase the over-sized one, that costs $59.99 during the big sale.

Why zero gravity chair

Are you still not sure to buy a zero gravity chair? Here we have some reasons why many people purchase them: First, it is believed that laying down on a zero gravity chair can reduce any symptoms caused by spinal compression. Besides, it can improve the respiratory system and your blood circulation, promote sleep quality, and also release stress.

However, in choosing the right zero gravity chair, you should consider the most suitable size that will best fit the user.

For example, a small and slim chair will not suitable for those who have a basketball-player body size and height, and vice versa. Fortunately, Kohls Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair provides two options for you: the regular sized chair and the oversized one.

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