Lawn Mower 28 Inches

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  • Apr 12, 2018

Are you planning to buy lawn mower 28 inches? Make sure that the land mower you will purchase is a reliable and valuable one. Here, we will give you some information about the best land mower that might be suitable for you and tips on how to choose land mower.

The best 28 inch lawn mower

Worldlawn 28-in Lawn Mower

The first lawn mower 28 inches that we are going to review is the Worldlawn 28 inch lawn mower. This walk behind lawn mower is very durable, tough, and is produced with high quality materials resulting in high quality performances.

This Worldland mower comes with a strong frame, reliable engine, and fabricated deck, all of them will give you the best performances that will definitely last long.

This land mower will enable you to put back some important nutrient (from mulch) into your lawn. Talking about the engine, the land mower is equipped with a reliable 344cc engine from Briggs and Stratton that will provide the power that you need to cut the mow perfectly. This engine also comes with a sleeve with iron cast that will enhance its durability level.

Worldlawn 28-in Lawn Mower


Using this land mower, you can easily determine the cutting height as you prefer by adjusting the four-position height adjustment. Compared to the other types of land mower, the Worldlawn 28-inch landmower can make it possible for you to cut more in a single pass.

Besides, it has a comfortable hand grip that allows you to grab and control the mower direction more easily and comfortably.

Craftsman 39790 28-in Lawn Mower

Another lawn mower 28 inches with excellent performances is the Craftsman 39790. With its advance pace control system from My Stride, this land mower allows you to do your mowing activity smoothly.

It uses quite powerful Briggs and Stratton’s engine that can be operated in a longer time (it is about 60% longer) than most of other land mowers.

Craftsman 39790 28-in Lawn Mower

What is great about this mower is the fact that it can cut the mow two times faster and more efficient, since it is equipped with twin sharp blades. The power of its engine also allows you to cut the mow more easily and effortlessly.

You can also adjust the cutting height, because this lawn mower comes with two different height positions that you can freely adjust.  Sometimes, in maintaining the lawn mower, you will need to drain the oil off its engine. Now you can easily drain the oil by simply opening the oil drain tube.

How to choose the right lawn mower

There are some aspects that you should consider before purchasing your new lawn mower. They are:

The lawn mower engine

It will be better if you purchase a land mower with a better quality engine. Although it will cost a little bit more expensive than the lower quality, but it will give you its best performance in much longer time, as long as it is maintained well.

  1. The size of your yard

Considering the yard size is also important before you decide which type of lawn mower that are suitable for you. For example, the walk-behind landmower will only suitable for medium (not too wide) areas, which are not more than an acre.

  1. The terrain conditions

A walk-behind land mower is enough to be used in a small and flat yard. Meanwhile, the hilly or more tricky land mower will be easier to handle using riding mowers.

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