Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review

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  • Apr 15, 2018

Today article will share you about novus zero gravity chair review. Here is all the information about this product.

Features and benefits

Using the gravity technology, this product can reduce the body stress you have. Relaxing and loosing feeling will be the easy to get through this gravity chair. For more decreasing stress feature, this product also equipped with articulating headset. As a result, it can be your head support with upmost comfort.

As it is also completed with cervical pillow, it can support your body well. Related to the cushion, there is air lumbar feature used by this product. It can soften your lower back and allow your body to have increasing circulation. You can also have the optional memory foam (or Dacron) if you would like to.

Even though it is in the shape of chair, it does not mean that you will have limited and hard positioning. In contrast, it is completed with optional power recline feature. This feature allows you to have motorized positioning to ease you in getting your favorite posture.

For more, this chair also gives you the maximum comfort. There is optional retractable footrest available to ease you in changing your posture or your feet placement.

Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review

More details about this zero-gravity chair

The standard size for this fully reclined zero gravity chair is in 46 inches of height and 29-1/4 inches of width. For the tall, it is in 48 inches of height and 29-1/4 inches of width. The maximum weight for this chair to handle is in 275 lbs. therefore, if you weight more than this and really want to try this chair, you may need to run diet program first.

The material used for this chair

Different type of material will make the price become different as well. If you want this chair in providence premium leather, you should pay $2595.00. The same price goes for Brighton Premium Leather and Deer Run Premium Leather. If you want it in Brisia, you need to pay $ 22295.00. if you wished to have this chair in its cheapest price, order the one made from leather. It only costs for $2095.00


Novus Zero Gravity Chair Review

There are three colors available for this chair. You are free to choose dove, sable or blue smoke. On the other hand, the wood finish also comes in three elegant colors. They are teak, dark cherry and walnut.

The recliner of this chair is made to order. Therefore, it does not come assembled. When you want to have the accessories of this chair, you also need to order it at the same time. It is because the manufacturer cannot make any change when the chair is already built.

Some upgrades available for this chair is first, pillow top memory foam. It costs $450.00 more or less. Second, you can also have memory foam, which costs $299.00. Last, you can also order retractable footrest by paying $200.00 more or less. Those are all the information we can share you about novus zero gravity chair review in this article.

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