Oconnells Lawn Mowers

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  • Aug 24, 2018

O’connells Lawn Mowers are the best friend for home owners who always want a tidy trimmed lawn outside their houses. As we all like to have a fresh green turf of grass on our yard, trimming the grass may be our least favorite thing to do.

In spring and summer season like this, it’s the time for the grass to grow rapidly and without routine mowing, our yard will look horrible in no time.

A powerful and reliable lawn mower can be the savior to let us maintain our lawn faster, more efficient, and with better result.Buying a good quality lawn mower is like making an investment.

This gardening machine will be highly useful and you’ll get the return of investment when your family love the garden with perfectly trimmed green grass yard. It would become a favorite outdoor space for your family. But lawn mower isn’t a cheap investment to make. It can come with quite high price tag.

Oconnells Lawn Mowers

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Moreover, there are many different models and types of lawn mower from different brands and manufacturers. Wrong choice will give you nothing but wasting a lot of money. The most important thing is understanding different types of Oconnells Lawn Mowers. The three main types of lawn mower are:

Manual Reel Mowers

The old school grass cutter with series of curved blades that will cut the grass as you push the mower forward. It doesn’t have any engine thus this type of lawn mower is cheap and easy to operate, non-polluting, and very quiet.

No machine powered rotating blade also means it is much safer to use. This type of lawn mower is suitable for budget concerned or environmentally conscious home owners.

The downsides of manual reel mower are it needs a lot of energy to operate, small cutting swaths, and requires blade adjustment and sharpening thus it is only suitable for flat and relatively narrow yards.

Push Mowers

This type of lawn mower has engine to power the blade while you still need to push to operate the mower. Engine powered rotating blade is more powerful to cut different types and sizes of grass and weeds. Most push mowers have gas powered engine with new alternative of battery powered electric push mowers.

The noise will be the biggest downside of push mowers. It also cost more to operate and also for the maintenance. Another issue would be the emission produced by gas powered push mower.

Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

It is highly similar with push mower with the main different of its engine powered wheels. You don’t need to push the mower but only need to navigate the route.

Self propelled wheels make it more suitable for large yard. The downside also similar with the noise, operation cost, and emission. Another challenge would be navigating the mower.

So, which Oconnells Lawn Mowers would be your best choice? See Video Bellow