Safe Herbicides Lawn to Keep Your Weeds Free

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  • Jul 18, 2018

Safe Herbicides lawn – Spring is coming and summer is soon to come. The world is turning from pale into much brighter one. What many people waiting after the snow melted is the fresh green color started to appear, just like you’re waiting your lawn turn into green again as the grass starts to grow the leaves.

Unfortunately, grass isn’t the only type of plants that grow on your backyard lawn. Some unwanted plants are also starting to grow. It is really irritating when you want a fresh green lawn and there are some dandelions or crabgrass appears here.

It’s sore on the eyes looking at them and it is understandable you want to get rid of them right away using the most powerful herbicides.

Safe Herbicides Lawns in home

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Possible Danger from Herbicides

It is easy to get carried away by emotion but you need to be wiser and focus on Safe Herbicides Lawns. Getting rid those weeds is important but it is also important to minimize side effects of using herbicides.

Commercial herbicides contain chemical compounds designed to kill and eliminate certain type of plants and that means, it contains some shorts of toxins.

Those chemicals can be hazardous and can cause severe health effects when contacted with skin or inhaled into respiratory system.

No wonder, it is required to wear gloves, mask, and long sleeves when someone wants to apply herbicides. But the most concerning danger from chemical herbicides is contamination.

The dangerous chemicals can contaminate lawn soils and the plants exposing your family with serious risks. The worst is water contamination with hazardous chemicals from the herbicides.

.How to Use Safely Herbicides

The main principle of Safe Herbicides Lawns is to effectively kill weeds and minimizing possible risks of contamination and side effects. In case using commercial chemical herbicide is your option, be sure to follow these safeguards:

  • Read the label thoroughly to fully sure the right herbicide is used
  • Follow the instructions on the label. This is related to how to prepare the herbicides (diluting the solution, etc.)
  • Prepare the herbicide solution based on estimation of area to be sprayed. Make sure to prevent excessive solution.
  • Use proper equipment including sprayer, measuring cups, and stirring stick. Also be sure to wear proper safety gear.
  • After spraying, clean all equipment thoroughly with water-ammonia mixture to breakdown chemical residues.

Organic Weed Killer

Better option for Safe Herbicides Lawns is not using factory made chemical-based herbicides but use organic herbicides instead.

Organic herbicides can be commercial products or homemade solutions. Organic herbicides are made from natural ingredients. Its chemical compounds can be break down naturally and it is unlikely to contaminate soil and water. For weed control, organic herbicides show effective result comparable to commercial herbicides.

Safe Herbicides lawn

The best thing about organic herbicides, you can make it from common products on every kitchen. Kitchen ingredients that can be used as homemade herbicides are:

  • Spray the vinegar solution on the weed’s leaves. Its acetic acid will draw moisture and kill the top growth.
  • Table salt. It works the same way as vinegar, however it has broader effect on various types of weeds.
  • Boiling Water. Yes, boiling water can effectively kills weeds. Just pour it on the weeds and the heat will kill the plants without leaving any residue.

Those three simple ingredients can be useful solutions for Safe Herbicides Lawn.

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