Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair Review

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  • Apr 22, 2018

Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair Review – The term of zero gravity chair refers to such a chair in which some of the parts are just soaring not standing up on the ground. This unique idea is also implemented by Sonoma in making its product. So, how is it from Sonoma?

Design Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair

The zero gravity chairs from Sonoma is particularly designed for relaxing and taking a rest. In general, it is appropriate for indoor or outdoor whether it is placed in the bedroom or on the garden. The design is simple but elegant with some metallic structures and one-piece upholstery from the head to the feet holder.

The zero gravity thing is placed on the feet holder. Once you sit down on this chair, it seems that your feet are just laying in more relaxing way. More than that, the chair in general is strong and sturdy. It is quite lightweight and flexible so that it should not be too difficult for you to move it anywhere you want.

Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair Review

The upholstery cover is available in many colors and patterns including Tandoori referring to bold pink color with white stretches, gray, aqua stripe, camo, canton, Americana, and many others. Of course, you can just choose one of them that you think it will be necessary for your interior and exterior design in general.

Specifications Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair

More than just a conventional chair with zero gravity ability, this one from Sonoma is indeed sophisticated. There are some great features offered once you buy them at least one. First of all, it has adjustable foam pillow.

The pillow or upholstery makes this chair feels more comfortable even if you need to sit down there in a long time. Do you want to sleep there? That’s okay; its texture is designed not to allow you suffer from the backache.


Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair Review

Secondly, there is the folding design. The zero gravity chairs from Sonoma is able to be folded to make it look simpler. It is also important for the storage and mobility. That’s why; it is said before that you can just move it more easily from the garden to the room and vice versa. If you want to carry it in your car for holiday, it is possible as well.

Third, the upholstery is water resistant. The common problem of such a chair placing outside is due to the weather. The foam can be simply shrunk and damaged just because of water and it is not dry well.

In Sonoma, the upholstery is made from high-quality materials so that it is more resistant toward the water and heat.

Lastly, the construction is strong and durable. Again, the materials are also really qualified and not simply corroded. It is reasonable if the chair is able to survive for many years and even decades.

Pros and Cons If You Choice Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair

Sonoma Zero Gravity Chair Review

Overall, this product is just great. The designs, specifications, and anything else is just satisfying. The only lack experienced is about the structure’s painting that is not thorough. Although it is not something significant, it damages the beauty of chair in general. So, make sure to consider this Sonoma zero gravity chair review before buying.