Styles of Tent for Garden with Curtain Included

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  • May 18, 2020

Are you looking for a Tent for Garden with Curtain Included? If you are, then you have come to the right place. For your information, tent curtains will provide you with additional protection from the weather or bugs.

There are so many different choices in classes and brands of tents and the curtains are customized to match the tent canopy. Not all sidewalls or curtains are compatible or interchangeable due to the different tent top designs.

Tent for Garden with Curtain Included

Pole & Frame Tent Curtain

The curtain for Pole and Frame Tents is made to fit any of commercial Frame or Pole Tents. Each will be attached by using snap clips connected to the top of the curtain which clips to the rope line that is a standard in both tent styles. You can order the fabric to either standard eave height which is 7′ or 8′ (2.13 m or 2.44 m).

Pinnacle Tent Curtain

The next Tent for Garden with Curtain Included is this. Styles for Pinnacle curtain include solid walls and cathedral-style window panels which will add visibility. The curtains for pinnacle tents will be attached via side release buckles, which will wrap around the tent’s frame.

Fast Shade Pop Up Tent Curtain

Curtains for the Fast Shade Pop Up Tents and Pronto Pop Up Tents are attached to the tent with Velcro hook & loop. This will make the installation and tear-down become very quick and easy.

At each corner, the curtains are furnished with zippers to surround space and secured to the frame leg with wrap-around Velcro straps. The pop-up or folding canopy curtains are created from the same material as the tent top which will allow them to be custom printed with graphics that will match your tent.

Pole & Frame Tent Panorama Window Curtains

The last Tent for Garden with Curtain Included will allow you to see the view outside while maintaining an overall stylish look.

The window design on the curtains is squared with non-scratch window lines between layers of clear and double-polish soft PVC.The wall parts of the panorama curtains are constructed from 16 oz. block out vinyl and connected to the tent rope line with resin clips.

The Panorama window walls overlay the connecting wall and connect with side release buckles in order to reduce the intrusion of the wind and rain. Grommets at the base of the curtain will allow the curtain to be easily staked or pinned on windy days.

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