Svago Zero Gravity Chair Review for You Who Want to Relax at Home

  • 2 min read
  • Apr 25, 2018

Have you ever heard about Svago zero gravity chairs? Zero gravity chair is special-designed chair that was used for astronaut. This chair will put your body in the most relaxing position. And like its name, this chair will defy the gravity, which will remove all the pressure on your body caused by gravity.

You will feel weightless and relax the most, when you spend your time sitting on this chair. Now, you can easily find different types of zero gravity chair. One of them is product from Svago. For your reference, here is our svago zero gravity chair review you can use.

Design Svago Zero Gravity Chair

All Svago products are designed with premium and elegant concept. The zero gravity chairs from this brand is also the same. It has really cool design, with strong touch of minimalist style, which is suitable for today’s home interior design.

However, Svago use leather on this product, which give it elegant or classic touch. This combination is what make the Svago zero gravity chair product, looks astounding. So, from the appearance factor, we are really satisfied by this chair’s design.

Svago Zero Gravity Chair Review

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The leather material for this chair can be considered as premium type leather. Therefore, you can expect some great quality from this product. Svago provides three different colors for their zero gravity chair product, which is black, chocolate and ivory. All of them are beautiful, so you can freely choose any colors and get best chairs you can find.


Design itself wouldn’t be enough for this chair to enter our zero gravity chair recommendation. The other thing that we also considered is the features. Svago has installed lot of features in their zero gravity chair product. So, you will feel really relax when you use it.

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The first interesting feature is removable pillow. This will give you freedom to choose the most comfortable position for supporting your head and neck. This is actually good idea, because every person has different preferences.

The other features are the armrests and footrest. Svago use unique design, where you can extend these parts like what you want. With this feature, it doesn’t matter how tall you are, you can use this car without problem.


The inclination system is also adjustable. This is actually the most important part of zero gravity chairs because the angle of the chair will affect the effect you get from this chair.

More than that, this chair is also equipped with heat and vibration massage system. This will add more comfort when you use it. Plus, the soft material will give you really comfortable place to lie down on this chair.


svago lusso zero gravity chair

Basically, we can say that the zero gravity chairs from Svago is one of the best product you can find on the market. It has everything that you need. The features will give you maximum pleasure.

The design is so beautiful, so it will perfectly match with any room where you plan to place it. So, if you plan to buy it, you have made a good decision. We hope this svago zero gravity chair review will help you.