Zero Gravity Swing Review

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  • Jun 09, 2020

You should have a Zero Gravity Swing in your outdoor space. You can use this product with your beloved person. You can just relax and spend a few hours laying back on the chair. The interesting part of this product is that you can take the chair anywhere you want and let the swing stay right on the place. Let’s take a look at the detail of the Zero Gravity Double Swing below.

Zero Gravity Swing review pros and cons

Things You Will Get 

You will receive a large box. The box is 90 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. This package consists of two zero gravity chairs, a sling fabric canopy, seat, and center storage container.

You can choose one of the three sling fabrics, which are red, camouflage, and tan.There is an additional lid in the fabric storage container. The function of the lid is to hold a cup and try. You can bring your favorite drink and snack while laying back on the Zero Gravity Swing. It is a great product to use during the summer.

You can easily recline the chairs. Just push the locking tab on the back of the chair.The system of the swing allows you to set the chair up to 5 different positions. The sling fabric is attached to the chair frames to keep the swing safe and comfortable to use. It uses a paracord in a woven pattern. The manufacturer cares about your comfort.

That’s why the manufacturer designs the Zero Gravity Swing with a pillow.This pillow makes your head comfortable while laying back on the chair and swinging. This feature also prevents any problems such as headaches or neck pain.

The size of the swing frame is large enough. You are about to sit 72 inches wide, 50 inches deep, and 90 inches high. The seat is 22 inches wide. The size is large and strong enough to hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

Steps to Assembly the Swing 

It takes time to assemble this swing. You even need the help of your friends to set up and adjust the pieces. The process seems a little bit complicated for first-time users. The good thing is that you don’t need to get confused to find tools before starting the project.

You will get all the tools in the hardware pack. The first thing to do is to attach the top of the legs. Then, take the top bar and place it at the top of the legs. Attach all the legs, including the lower and back legs. Don’t forget to add the feet to the legs to keep the swing stable.

You also have to make sure that you have tightened all hardware. Rechecking the parts will make you sure that the swing is ready and safe to use. When it is done, you can add the center storage container to the seat frame. For a more comfortable seat, just add side support arms to the seat frame.

Now, attach the swing and the hanging arms to the frame. You can also install the springs to give extra comfort. The last thing to do is adding the canopy to the top of the swing. Attach the sling to the frame by using a screw. Use a screw with a big T type handle to adjust the angle of the canopy easily.

Just make sure that the teeth of the canopy are locked into the holes. That’s it! You can enjoy your zero gravity swing anytime you want.

Tips to Take Care of Zero Gravity Swing 

Zero Gravity Swing is easy to treat. It doesn’t need special and complicated treatment. You only have to clean the parts with a mixture of mild soap and water. This product doesn’t need any complicated treatments because of the resin sling fabric.

This material is strong enough outdoors and in any weather and conditions. You also have to make sure that the swing is clean from any foodstuff. So, just make sure that you always clean the center storage box after putting a drink or snack there.

A clean center storage box prevents little animals from chewing on the parts. At least, you will not invite outdoor pests to come and enjoy the swing.

Zero Gravity Swing with pillow and console box

Pros and Cons 


  • The center console storage works well to make you relax while enjoying your favorite drink and snacks.
  • The chairs are comfortable and easy to remove.
  • Simple treatment.
  • It is a good option for a big person.


  • It takes time to assemble the swing.
  • You need the help of your friends to assembly the swing.
  • The swings are connected, so both of you have to swing together.
  • The footprint seems too big.

Final Thoughts

This swing works well, especially for those who need a private place to lay back around their backyard. The double swing design is also good enough for couples who want to spend time together anytime they want. The five different seat positions allow you to set your best comfortable position before sitting there.

This is the reason why you can keep sitting on the swing for a few hours without suffering from back pain, neck pain, or headache. The great thing is that Zero Gravity Swing is strong enough in which it is suitable for people up to 350 pounds.

The center storage area for snacks and drinks gives you extra comfort while swinging. You may not think about the minor issues after feeling comfortable. There are no reasons to leave the chair, and you can lay back as long as you want.

You can also compare this product with other swings such as mainstays zero gravity swing to know the differences. Indeed, installing a Zero Gravity Swing at home is one of the best ways to relax anytime you want.

Mainstays Zero Gravity Swing

You can swing while reading your favorite books, listening to your favorite music, sleeping, enjoying favorite snacks and drinks, or talking with your beloved one. So, just consider taking this product and get the benefits.

Video Zero Gravity Swing


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