Step by Step to Build a PVC Tent Frame for Raised Garden Bed

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  • Jun 09, 2020

A raised bed is an alternative for those who want to grow plants in a small area. Raised bed are easy to manage and you still get the best products to harvest.

To support the process, you can protect the plants and the raised bed with a tent. One of them is installing a pvc tent frame for raised garden bed. Let’s learn how to install the tent frame for a raised garden bed first so you can use to protect the plants maximally.

pvc tent frame for raised garden bed

Prepare the PVC pipe

Before creating a tent frame for a raised bed, you need to prepare 4-inch PVC pipes. Then, cut the PVC pipe into 4 sections based on the length and the width of the raised bed.

To make the cutting process easier, you can use a miter saw, reciprocating saw, or PVC handsaw. The ideal size of the pipe is 4 feet because this size keeps you easy to go to the center of the tent and pull some weeds that you need.

Install the PVC Tent Frame

When the PVC pipes are ready, it is the time to install the pvc tent frame for raised garden bed. First, use two pieces of the PVC pipe for the length and width parts. Second, assemble the pipes in a square or rectangle, solid, or flat surface.

Third, connect each of the corners of the pipe along with 90-degree elbow onto each section of the pipe. If it is hard to do, you can use PVC glue to connect the pipes. The point of this installation is to create a square or rectangle tent frame.

The number of the frame depends on the size of the raised bed. If you need to prepare two identical square or rectangle tent frames for a standard raised bed.

Place the PVC Tent Frame in the Raised Bed

When the two PVC tent frames are ready, you can place the frames in the raised bed. Take the first PVC tent frame first and place it on the desired location in the raised bed.

Just make sure that this first frame is strong enough. Then, take the second frame and stack it on the top of the first frame.

Now, you have a strong pvc tent frame for raised garden bed. The frame is strong enough to prevent your plants from rain, sunlight, or anything which can destroy the plants.As a result, you can grow the plants well and harvest some products from your own small garden beds.

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