Tent Protection From Sun For Garden

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  • May 22, 2020

Sun or sunlight precisely, is an important factor of plant growth. This is one of the ingredients that plant needs to do photosynthesis process. However, too much sunlight also can kill the plant.

The sunlight will destroy the cell membrane where the photosynthesis process is running. In the end, the plant won’t be able to do this process anymore. So, if you have a garden and plant a lot of plants there, it is necessary to prevent this problem. You can use several solutions below.

Using Tent to Protect Your Plant from the Sun

Using Tent to Protect Your Plant from the Sun

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This is the simplest way to protect your plant. Just build a Tent Protection From Sun For Garden on the area where you place your plant. There are many kinds of sun protection tent like this you can find on the market.

This tent is made of special material that can provide a UV light protection that can damage your plant. Moreover, this kind of tent is also easy to build and it matches with many sizes of the plant area in your garden. Just choose one that fits.

One more important thing you need to remember is the tent design. Make sure you choose the tent that doesn’t only protect your plant from UV light. But it also has a good air circulation design.

The warmed air inside the tent also can damage your plant, if it just keeps in the tent. With good air circulation system, you can let the air come out and it also regulates the temperature inside the tent.

Watering Your Plant

However, using the only tent won’t be enough. The heat from the sun, especially summer sun, cans also removing the water and moisture from the soil where your plant grows.

So, you also need to water your plant and soil regularly. Do not make it too wet, because it also can rot the plant root. Just do it sufficiently and your plant will be able to survive from the heat.


As a garden owner, you have to know what you should do in different seasons. Summer is actually a good season for gardening. But, without proper care, you will get many problems this season.

So, prepare the planting system that matches this season. Then, get the tent to protect your plant from the sun and do other methods to keep your plant safe from the scorching heat of summer sun. And, you won’t have any problem.

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