Wedding Tent Inspirations for Intimate & Warm Wedding

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  • Jun 03, 2020

Are you and your lover planning for a wedding reception? In order to celebrate your special day, it is reasonable to have every single thing perfect and stylish. One of the wedding elements that you must be concerned is the wedding tent.

A wedding tent is able to create a huge influence to your wedding venue. It can even make your wedding venue looks like a garden wedding even though you have an indoor wedding. Below are the wedding tent inspirations to create a garden look like wedding.

wedding tent inspiration

Add Plants as the Decoration Wedding Tent

The quickest and most instant way to create a garden look like wedding is by adding green plants as the decoration to the wedding tent. This way, your wedding tent will not look plain and mainstream.

Instead, it will look fresh. Moreover, the green plants will make your wedding tent looks more unique if you think that adding flowers is too mainstream.

If you want to make the garden atmosphere even more accentuated, you are able to add synthetic grass to cover the floor. It can be assured that this wedding tent inspiration will definitely create a garden look to your wedding venue.

Add Some Flower Pots

There is nothing wrong if you want to use a white wedding tent. Since a white wedding tent can create a spacious effect to your wedding venue. But in order to make it looks more decorative and attractive, you are able to add several flower pots.

The flower pots are also useful to create a garden look to your wedding venue. Placing some pretty flowers in pots beside your white wedding tent can be a choice to create a simple wedding decoration. This wedding tent inspiration will be a unique way to welcome your guests.

Hang Lanterns or Lampions

Mostly, in the ceiling of the wedding tent, it will be decorated with draperies. But this decoration is already too mainstream.

Instead, you are able to hang lanterns or lampions to decorate the ceiling of your wedding tent. During evening, the lights from the lanterns or lampions will make the atmosphere in your wedding reception feels warmer and more romantic. The nuance at your wedding reception will be completely different.

Opened Wedding Tent

One of the benefits to hold a wedding reception indoor is you do not have to be worried about the weather. But if you want to create a garden-inspired wedding, you can use an opened wedding tent.

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