3 Tips to Increase the Best Broadleaf Weed Control Lawns

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  • May 07, 2018

Broadleaf weed control lawn is an important aspect for every weed maintenance and treatment program. Weed control is a major reason for homeowners to treat garden. Fertilizing and controlling weed is a main basic for gardening. The best broadleaf weed control lawns are useful to keep the growth of weed.

You should prefer the better one to handle and manage it. There are some factors involving to this weed control lawn. Here are five crucial tips to enhance a program of broadleaf weed control lawn.

Best Broadleaf Weed Control Lawns

Broadleaf Weed Life Cycle

Common chickweed is an annual winter plant that is found in all areas of North America. The first edge is to increase a weed control to ensure that you understand properly and identify faced broadleaf weed life cycle.

Weed is divided into some groups based on its cycle. Those are one season, biennial, and hard plants. A season starts from seed, growing, adult, and dead within less than 12 months. A cold season is sprouting in the spring and managing the seed in the summertime.

Annual bluegrass is an annual weed that is commonly to be a weed type. Biennale has a reproduction starting from seed and finishing the life cycle in two years. It forms roses and saves foods in the root for the first years. Perennial is making weed living eternal more than two years.

It is able to reproduce from seeds or vegetative structures. Hard plants can be classified more to be simple hard plants such as banana and dandelion. It uses vegetative structures but it reproduces overall.


Best broadleaf weed control lawns can be simply hard plants with vegetative structures and eternal roots with crown. The optimal time to control weed depends on the type and cycle of broadleaf weed. In some cases, a particular weed type is able to control a specific weed type.

It makes the weed control each other. Depending on the time and weed, it is important to select the right herbicide with high benefits for specific weed that you target. In Midwest, broadleaf weed is better and controlled by herbicide and postemergence in the spring.

Best Broadleaf Weed Control Lawns


Formulation and chemistry become a good tip for enhancing broadleaf weed control lawn. It consists of some types that are generally formulated in two different types salt amine and ester. The formulation is influencing the performance of herbicide.

If you want to use it in a program of your weed control, the formulation of amina is generally not stable than ester. The esther tends to be safe to use when it is applied sensitive plants.

The esther formulation has higher steam pressure and generally has higher volatilization potency. It has documented that a fallen application and formulation gives best broadleaf weed control lawns optimally.

However, the application is sometimes needed in weedy locations or losing chances to make a fallen application.  An esther formulation is more effective for broadleaf control because it is easily penetrating leaf cuticula. Those are some tips to do for enhancing broadleaf weed control effectively.

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