DIY Building a Compost Bin Easily

  • 3 min read
  • Oct 05, 2018

Building a compost bin of your own would be really great for the environment. Besides helping to decrease waste in the planet, you are going to be able to manage your household waste. The process of building it can be exciting yet tricky at the same time. So how to make a compost bin easily? Read on and follow these steps to get a successful composting!

Building a Compost Bin

Get This Materials Ready

In order to be ready building a compost bin, the basic tools you need are a saw, a drill, a sledgehammer or mallet, a staple gun and staples, and a measuring tape. To merge the woods, you will need a box of 2-inch and another box of 2½-inch wood screws. You can use coated decking screws or nails as well but screws are more preferred to make your compost bin stay sturdy.


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Other than the lumber, you also need 4 pieces of 4 feet long metal fence posts with screw holes and a roll of 36 feet x 3 feet wire netting. You can measure the size of the compost bin according to your needs. It will make you work easier with the size and amount of lumbers you need. Generally, you might need them in size range of 1 inch x 4inch x 10 feet to 2 inch x 6inch x 12 feet.

How to Make Compost Bin Step by Step

The first thing you want to do is making the side panels of the compost bin. You need to attach two side wood-piece uprights by drilling guide holes. Make sure to do it on a flat surface so we will get the straight structure we need. Then attach another wood-piece with some space for ventilation to help the pile of bins aerate. When you are attaching woods with screws, make sure you offset them so they will not collide. Repeat those steps until you get three side panels. For the front side, you only need to attach one wood on the right and the left side.

The upper part space will be used for access for the trash. You can make three of this set and put them together. You may be wondering how to make a compost bin stay in the ground. You can simply sharpen the lower part of each wood on the four sides. And then push the sharp part to the ground with a hammer. To keep the trash inside, put the metal fence post along each set of the bin from the inside. Screw each side of them well to the wood. After you have finished building a compost bin, you only need to make the lid for each set.

Making sure that the lids close the bins well is important for a successful composting process. Do not let the trash gets too much water or lacks water. The trash needs to be kept in a warm to hot temperature so that they will decompose faster. When the process of decomposing is done, you can use the compost for your plants in your house or even sell them to earn more cash. This shows how advantageous building a compost bin is.

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