How Often to Change Bait in Mouse Trap

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  • May 18, 2018

It is so unpleasant to share our home with tiny little creatures that can run and make a noise in the attic and under the table. That is why, many home owners decide to set a trap to catch and get rid of these creatures called mice from their houses.

However, not all of the traps set are effective to catch the mice. The problem usually caused by the bait. Therefore, in this article, we will review more about the most effective bait to be used and how often to change bait in mouse trap.

How Long Does It Take To Catch A Mouse In A Trap

The Importance Of Using The Right Bait And Frequently Changing Them

The quality of your mouse trap is necessary. However, no matter how good your mouse trap is, it will become useless if you fail to place the right bait to lure the mouse into your trap. Without the right bait, your mouse trap will not able to work as effective as it should be.

For your information, these tiny but annoying little creatures have a very excellent hearing, vision, and the senses of touch, smell, and feel. The mice are also exceptionally nimble and agile, they can even squeeze in and out through a very narrow space or hole. With all of these abilities, mice are considered as extraordinary smart preys that are hard to catch.

In many cases, the bait placed in the mouse traps are left untouched. In some other cases, they are taken by the disappearing culprits. So, what is actually the best bait to use when you have to deal with such an intelligent enemy? Well, there are actually some baits that can be used to lure the mice, such as:

  1. Peanut butter

Many people think that mice love to each cheese the most. Although they can eat it, but the cheese is definitely not their favorite food. The food that they love is actually seeds or nuts. That is why, placing the peanut butter on the trap will effective to lure them into it.

  1. Cracker

Besides, the mice will always interested to some pieces of cracker, especially when the cracker is coated in peanut butter or jam.

  1. Grain

If you do not have any cracker, then you can simply use grain. The grain bait will be more effective if it is coated in maple syrup.

  1. Bacon

Besides, you can also use a strong-smelled bacon or wet pet food on the trap. The smell of these ingredients will lure the little monster into your trap.

  1. Nesting materials

Not only food, but you can also use nesting materials to attract the mice run toward the trap. However, this trick will be effective only during nesting season.

How Often to Change Bait in Mouse Trap

How often to change bait in mouse trap

After knowing the best baits to catch the mice, now you have to know how often to change bait in mouse trap so that it can still attract the mice effectively. The answer is: it depends on what ingredient you use to lure the mice. In short, you should replace the bait whenever it becomes dry or it loses its smell.

You should check whether or not the bait you use is still fresh, because the enemies you are facing have a very strong smell sense. Therefore, the stronger your bait smell is, the more luck you will probably have. If you use peanut butter, then you are suggested to replace it on the third day because it will definitely get dry. So, how often to change bait in mouse trap will depend on what kind of bait you use.

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