How To Remove Mouse Trap Glue

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  • Jul 10, 2018

How To Remove Mouse Trap Glue, It is really irritating to know there are mice invading your house. These rodents causing mess inside your house and damaging various things. But the most concerning thing about mice invasion is the health risks it can cause.

Mice carries animal borne parasites and your family can be exposed to those parasites potentially cause serious health problems. You need to take action to get rid the invading mouse and just like any amateur, glue trap is the first choice.

How To Remove Mouse Trap GlueGlue trap is easy to use while it is quite effective. Just place the trap on certain place where mouse often pass by or you can also place a bait to lure the mouse to the trap.

The glue on the trap is very powerful to make it effective but it also brings problem on how to remove mouse trap glue. The concerning fact is not only mouse can be trapped there. Other animal including your pet can walk into and trap to the glue.

Curious or reckless children can also walk into the trap and the glue makes it difficult to remove. Even when the trap successfully caught mouse, you will still need to remove the mouse from the trap. Believe me, it won’t be easy and it will be messy.

What most people don’t realize is the best answer on how to remove mouse trap glue is sitting on the kitchen. The ultimate antidote for mouse trap glue is vegetable oil. Yes, the cooking oil used daily in the kitchen.

Any type of cooking oil works fine including olive oil, canola oil, or palm oil. The next best thing to use is baby oil. Beside the antidote, you will need proper pair of gloves, enough paper towel, cloth, box with ventilation, and if needed, spoon.

Removing Animal from Glue Traps

The animals here refer not only to mice but other animals possibly trapped by accident such as pets or certain wild animals. Those animals must be removed from the trap as humane as possible. Here are the steps on how to remove mouse trap glue:

How To Remove Mouse Trap Glue

  • Cover the head of the animal with paper towel or cloth. It is important to help the animal get calm. Frightened animals will move franticly to make it stuck even worse.
  • Use few drops of oil into the area stuck on the glue. Gently massage using hands until the animal released.
  • Once released, slide paper towel on top of the trap to prevent the animal stuck again.
  • Use the cloth to clean excessive oil and glue residue from the animal body.
  • Put the animal inside a ventilated container box. Call wildlife control service or veterinarian.

Removing Trap Glue from Skin or Hair

In case your one of your family member or yourself accidentally step on or touch the glue trap and got trap. You can use similar steps used to remove animals from glue traps.

Once the trap removed from skin or hair, put few drops of oil on the glue stuck on the skin or hair and massage gently to soften the glue. You can use a cloth to wipe and removed the excessive glue and oil. That’s the easy, safe, and effective answer on how to remove mouse trap glue.

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