The Steps on How To Use A Zero Gravity Chair

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  • Sep 02, 2018

Today article will share you about how to use a zero gravity chair in general.

How to Open Zero Gravity Chair

First, stand the chair upright on legs. Make sure that the pillow is facing forward. After that, push the chair’s armrests to the ground smoothly. You can stop pushing when both of the back and front legs are touching the ground firmly.

Zero Gravity Chair

How to Recline Zero Gravity Chair

Initially, sit on the chair with your back leaning fully against the back of the chair. Next, have your hands on the armrests. After that, put your feet on the footrest. If you are already comfortable with your position, you can push the footrests bar forward and upward. Do it at the same time until the chair can give the position you desired.

If you are a beginner, you do not need to in rush and do it carefully. The key on this step is by having mild force while you push upward the cross bar. When you push the seat backward, you also need to give mild force as well. Do not give to much force. Do not lock until you are already in the position you want.

How to Lock Zero Gravity Chair

After your desired position, now you should lock it on. First, find the locking mechanism. It usually located on the underside of the armrests and positioned towards the middle. Second, lock it upward. Make sure that it is locked securely in place. Last, you need to shift the weight slightly, it is to ensure that the chair is already locked well.

How to Unlock Zero Gravity Chair

If you want to unlock the zero gravity chair, you just need to do these two easy steps. First, you should disengage both of the locks. The way is by pressing down towards the ground. Second, after the lock has been released, you should press the footrests downwards with your feet. This way is to make you return to the upright position.

While returning to the upright position, you should release the locking lever. Besides that, you also need to put your feet on the lower cross bar. Make sure that you give mild force downward when you do it. On the same time, it is also important for you to push the seat. Again, do not give too much force.

How to Take Care Your Zero Gravity Chair

Besides the step on how to use it, knowing the way to take care of it is also important. For maintenance, it is enough to clean the recliner with mild solution. You can use the mixture of soap and water. Use dry towel to remove the excess. Always remember that you should never wash or dry it with machine. Do not use bleach or abrasive solvents as well. For longer sturdiness it is also suggested that the weight of the recliner should not exceed 300lb.

Those are all the steps related to the use of zero gravity chair. We highly hope that these steps can make you understand on how to use a zero gravity chair.

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