Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton

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  • Aug 25, 2018

A powerful and dependable lawn mower is important to keep the lawn look fresh and tidy with perfectly trimmed grass. A compact reel mower would be enough for a small residential backyard but for a large garden or sports field more than 1500 meters wide, or a lawn with hilly terrain, it needs more powerful lawn mower. Whether it is push mower or self-propelled mower, a heavy duty engine is crucial and that’s why Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton is the ideal choice.

Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton

There are many different models of lawn mowers available on the market from different brands and manufacturers. Those mowers offer varieties of specs and features.

But when it comes to the top rated lawn mowers, no matter what brand and model they are, there’s one thing similar: all are powered with Briggs and Stratton engine.

About Briggs and Stratton

Briggs and Stratton has a very respected reputation as manufacturer of lawn mower engines. This manufacturer has wide range of engine series known for high performance, efficient operation, and competitive price. No wonder, Briggs and Stratton engines are chosen by top leading lawn mower builders to power their lawn mower series.

The advanced engine series from Briggs and Stratton has the latest patented technology known as direct overhead valve or DOV. This advanced technology can produce higher torque while also produce less noise and vibration.

Higher torque means it can offer better performance both to power the blade rotation and to power the wheels. Less vibration and noise make it much convenience to operate.

Spesification Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton

When it comes to large garden or yard maintenance, there’s no better choice than Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton. The heart of it is the 750EX engine series. It has 161 cc displacement with DOV technology able to produce 9.49 nm gross torque, among the most powerful engine in this segment.

This series has ReadyStart feature to easily start the engine without priming the engine. Optional electric start model is also available.

There are other advantages from Lawn Mower 750 DOV Briggs and Stratton. The cylinder is made from top grade aluminum to be both durable and lightweight. Maintenance is made so much easier as no oil change ever needed. Just check the oil and add more oil if needed.

Another important factor is its competitive operation cost to make the lawn mower powered with this engine even a more promising investment. More importantly, this machine will make gardening a much better experience.

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