How To Kill Weeds Without Harming the Grass

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  • Jun 18, 2018

Liquid Weed Killer Safe Grass – Everyone who has passion in gardening knows that one of the most irritating things on the garden is dealing with the weed.

You spent many hours and a lot of effort to have a tidy lawn with a perfectly trimmed green grass when suddenly, there are other plants with larger and wider leaves and little flowers grow on the green grass lawn.

Those plants, known as weeds, are like disrupting the harmony of a perfectly trimmed and even grass lawn. What makes it more irritating is those weeds are not easy to get rid.

Liquid-Weed-Killer-Safe-GrassThe weeds grow between the grasses to make it very challenging to be eliminated. Cutting the weeds won’t give long term effect as it would grow again.

Removing one by one would be too big of a job to be done. Using herbicide to kill the weeds would be the most reasonable option but still, it comes with a challenge to keep the grass safe.

With the right strategy and using the right Liquid Weed Killer Safe Grass products, it can be done with optimum result.

What You Need to Know about Weeds

What is weed and what is the difference with the grass? Actually, weed is a very loose term. Weed refers to unwanted plants on a human made environment like garden, lawn, or farm field.

Any type of plant that’s not desirable to grow on certain area can be categorized as weed. Weeds are not invasive plats as it won’t cause threat to native plants. Weeds become big problem mostly for aesthetic reason.

In general there are three big types of weedy plants: broadleaf weeds, grass-like weeds, and lawn weeds. It is important to identify which type of grass to apply the right Liquid Weed Killer Safe Grass product

Different Types of Herbicides

To kill the weeds and prevent it to grow again, choosing the right Liquid Weed Killer Safe Grass to use is very crucial. It is important to learn first about different types of herbicides to help choosing the right product to use. Based on the application time, there are two categories of herbicides:

Pre-emergent herbicides. It is applied to the soil before the plants emerge. It kills seeds or dormant plants inside the soil.

Post-emergent herbicides. It is applied to the plants that actively growing.Since the weeds are already growing, post emergent type of herbicide is more suitable choice.While based on the targeted plants, herbicides are categorized as:

  • Non-selective herbicides. The chemical is designed to kill all types of plants.
  • Selective herbicides. The chemical is designed to kill either monocot or dicot plants but not both.

Liquids-Weed-Killer-Safe-GrassWeeds are broadleaf dicot plants while lawn grasses are monocots. The right choice for Liquid Weed Killer Safe Grass product is type of post-emergent broadleaf selective type of herbicide.

Herbicides still contain potentially harmful chemicals. Before you spray the liquid weed killer, be sure you read and follow the instructions on the label. You will also need to wear proper protective gear including long sleeves, hand gloves, masker, and goggle.

Keep children and pet inside the house while you spray the herbicides and don’t let them play on the lawn for few hours after spraying.

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