What is a Sear Burner on Gas Grill? How to Use It?

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  • Jun 10, 2018

What is a sear burner on gas grill? Do I need it? Those questions may appear in your mind whenever you want to buy a gas grill. Having gas grill will give you so many benefits, especially if you like grilling ingredients. Read some information below to know more about sear burner and its purpose.

Sear Burner on Gas Grill

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Sear Burner Gas Grill

Grilling process needed to do for getting tasty food, such as steak. So, people buy gas grill to grill some ingredients, such as meat. Today, gas grill can come with sear burner. There are so many reasons of why you need to choose gas grill with sear burner.

Sear burner is usually found in the side of gas grill, so many people also call sear burner as side burner. Sear burner has so many purposes. But for your information, gas grill with sear burner may be more expensive than gas grill without sear burner. But, having gas grill that is completed with sear burner will be useful.

Sear burner can be used for grilling ingredients quickly. Compare to conventional gas grill, sear burner offers higher temperature in grilling process. It makes you able to grill ingredients quickly.

For example, you need to grill beef. It will be done easily and quickly by using sear burner. With sear burner, your beef will be well-cooked.

Other thing that makes sear burner more special is about its uniqueness. Actually, grilling meats and other ingredients with sear burner will create classic grill marks that make food look more interesting. By grilling ingredients on sear burner, your foods will be tastier. The texture will be more contrast, and finally you will feel satisfied with your food.

 Sear Burner on Gas Grill

How to Use Sear Burner

We can conclude that sear burner is a part of gas grill can be used for grilling ingredients faster. How to use it? Actually, sear burner has some purposes. It is not only tool for grilling ingredients, but it is more than that.

First, you can use sear burner for grilling ingredients. Set temperature based on your need. If the ingredients hard to be grilled, you can set high temperature.

But if you need to grill ingredients that are easy to be grilled, you can set medium temperature. Just put the ingredients above the sear burner, and make sure every side grilled well.

Second, you can use sear burner for sautéing. You can prepare a frying pan, and then pour 2 tablespoon oil to frying pan. After that, just put the frying pan above sear burner. Finally, you can pour ingredients on frying pan, and then, sautéing the ingredients.

Third, you can also use sear burner for warming your food. For example, you want to warm your steak. It can be done easily. Just wrap your steak using aluminum foil, and then put it on frying pan.

After that, put the frying pan above sear burner. Use low temperature to warm your foods. Hopefully, the information about “what is a sear burner on gas grill? helps you to use sear burner correctly.

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