What To Put On A Mouse Trap For Bait

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  • May 05, 2018

5 Best Baits to Put on a Mouse Trap

What To Put On A Mouse Trap For Bait? This will be the most important question for you who have mouse problem in your house. There are many types of mouse trap you can buy.

But, to make it effective, you need to place right bait, so the mouse can be attracted and trapped in it. Now, if you have to choose the best bait for mouse trap, here 5 types of mouse bait that you can try.

What To Put On A Mouse Trap For Bait

Peanut Butter

Cheese is indeed one of best mouse bait you can use, and it’s effective like what you can see in the movie. However, above cheese, there is more effective mouse bait, which is peanut butter. This bait is made of peanut, which is the main food of Rodents, the species where mouse belong to.

More than that, peanut butter also make the mouse difficult to gnaw and take compared to the solid type bait. Therefore, mouse will have difficulty to eat it and spend more time on the trap, which can trigger the trap. However, in order to improve the chance of success, make sure you place small drop of peanut butter.


Mouse has very sensitive smell sense. Therefore, if you put bait that has strong smell like cheese, it will easily attract mouse to come. The mouse love cheese aroma.

When it get close to the bait, it will try to smell it more, which give more time for trap to catch the mouse. So, cheese is one of most effective bait, if you plan to use aroma as your weapon.

Best Baits to Put on a Mouse Trap

Protein Ingredients

Meat is also good choice for mouse bait. However, to make it easier to place in the mousetrap, it would be better, if you choose the sausage or bacon.

You can easily to cut these foods in small part for your mouse trap. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cooked or raw, it will give you the result. Mouse also needs protein. So, use this bait to trap it.

Sugary Bait

Mouse is one of animal that burn lot of energy to move. Therefore, they need lot of energy supply, which usually come from sweet food. So, use it as bait! Gummy bears, sweet chocolate and other similar type bait will be able to temp the rodents.

Just like we said above, make sure you cut it in small piece, so the mouse will have difficult to get it, which increase the chance to be trapped.

Cat or Dog Food

Inside cat or dog food, there are many nutrients and protein, plus aroma and taste as addition, which is liked and needed by mouse. You may have experienced some problem when mouse eat their archenemy food, even though you keep it in closed place. So, you can solve this problem by using it as bait to catch and kill that pest.

Those 5 can be considered to be the best mouse bait you can use. They are easy to get, plus you don’t need to spend too much money to get them. So, use them and free your house from mouse problem.


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